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Brightening Facial Treatment 
Designed to help lighten sun spots, visibly brighten & even out skin tone, reduce the appearance of discoloration & hyperpigmentation.

Firming Facial Treatment 
Designed to improve your skin’s elasticity, hydrate, reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Nutrient rich products and specially selected therapies work together to firm tissues and help tighten muscles to help lift and rejuvenate your complexion.

Purifying Facial Treatment 
Powerful ingredients and techniques combine to clear-up congested, break-out prone skin. Facials are an effective way to treat non-inflammatory, comedonal acne. This powerful treatment will help deeply cleanse, reduce inflammation, kill bacteria, promote healing & prevent future breakouts.

Soothing Facial Treatment
 Ideal for sensitive skin, delicate conditions such as rosacea & sunburnt skin. We incorporate non-abrasive exfoliation methods, soothing serums & a combination therapies to strengthen delicate capillaries to reduce redness & irritation.

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