Appointment Protocol

  • If you are not feeling well, Please reschedule

  • Wearing Masks
    • In accordance with the city of Round Rock, masks are not mandated.  If you come in with a mask, we will gladly put ours on, otherwise please feel comfortable not wearing one.

  • Our main entrance to check in an check out is now suite 135.  We now check in through the iPad you will see as soon as you walk in.
  • Our stylist can also be texted at the following numbers if needed..... 
      • Sara-512-699-6417
      • Kat-512-695-1959
      • Tanya-512-740-8295
      • Julie-512-870-7914
      • Kayo-512-680-2200
      • Rebecca-512-800-2868
      • Melissa-512-630-4676
      • Christina-512-569-4351
      • Randa-512-925-9686
      • Teal-737-9323675
      • Vero-512-850-0633
      • Maria - 254-913-7987
  • No Children or extra guests allowed in the salon at this time.

Shine Salon Staff